Why is Internet Safety Important?

All children like cake, but it not always what they should haveYoung children are quickly and easily effected by what they see and so child protection on the Internet is vital. The eyes connect straight to the brain and memory. Sometimes the child does not understand what they see, but they do recognise a bad thing and have a need to value what they see.

Is damage to the young mind permanent?

Yes! Young Children need protection of the highest degree. Prevention is the only answer to the problem - there is no "cure" for a damaged mind. Most vile images on the net are indelible in their impact to any mind - adult or child, bit the mind of a child is damaged far more quickly and irretrevably.

Oil Tank Security.

Tank SecurityHome security is becoming a high priority, and more than just protecting your family and valuables, what about your oil tank security? Oil theft is becoming more prevelant as oil prices increase. There are products you can purchase to aid in alerting you or dissuading thieves from stealing your oil. Like the Tanklock or Watchman Sonic



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