Why is Internet Safety Important?

All children like cake, but it not always what they should haveYoung children are quickly and easily effected by what they see and so child protection on the Internet is vital. The eyes connect straight to the brain and memory. Sometimes the child does not understand what they see, but they do recognise a bad thing and have a need to value what they see.

Is damage to the young mind permanent?

Yes! Young Children need protection of the highest degree. Prevention is the only answer to the problem - there is no "cure" for a damaged mind. Most vile images on the net are indelible in their impact to any mind - adult or child, bit the mind of a child is damaged far more quickly and irretrevably.

Effect on development and mental stability.

Child Safety on the Internet - An important mental health issueBecause a young mind is taking in new things every day, an unresolved subject becomes a block to development in other areas. The child will not realise that he has a problem and that could slow his responses in other areas and could lead to disturbance leading to sleep loss and actual depression.

Website Security : Programs are being developed constantly to find and manipulate unprotected websites, if you are an owner of a website we cannot stress enough how important it is to check your programming for security vulnerabilities.
You could also look into privacy protection for your domain name registration as this hides your personal contact details from potential spammers. There are some "downloadable" website packages that are constantly updated to fix any issues, this is quite a good way to ensure your site is secure, examples of these are "Wordpress" and "Magento" both of which are free. If you are using a shared hosting account there is nothing more secure than cPanel (cPanel Web Hosting) which enables you to setup email accounts and FTP accounts in a secure environment.


Website security is another major aspect of internet security, as the internet quickly grows, new software is released for the purpose of building websites easily or creating online shops. Often times this software will contain vulnerabilities that are then exploited. When you are creating a website be sure to firstly get your web hosting UK and domain name from a reputable company and secondly don't provide your FTP details to any programs online.

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